Romance (25)


  • DELACROIX, Alana--Masked Longing**: I liked the heroine but a TSTL heroine ruined the story for me. [full review]
    FAY, Kiersten--The Vampire's Masquerade***: A fun vampire romance beach read but nothing very original [full review]
  • GOGUEN, JM--All the Dogs are Dancing****: Wildly original post-apocalyptic tale about two your wolfman crossing a dangerous continent to save their pack. [full review]
  • ROMANCE PUP--Victorian Vampire*: Cliched waste of time. [full review]
  • MONET, Rae--Blood Game*1/2:  It may be because I did not read the first in the series but the setting, one-hundred years in the future seems superficial, sometimes painfully so. [full review]

  • T, Jaye--Shadow Image *: A sound yet amateurish romance between a vampire leader and a female Sheriff against a predictable backdrop of vampire murders.

  • SHAYNE, Maggie--Wings in the Night***: This book contains three stories all based on the usual motif of longing, culminating in true love. The last is the weakest but the first two are satisfyingly predictable with well written angst.

  • [OUT OF PRINT] GRAHAM, Rob--In the Dark***: I would say this story is worth a look but the four sections are mismatched in genre and quality and some of the content in the earlier parts is politically incorrect to say the least. [full review here]

  • SHAYNE, Maggie--Born in Twilight***: Fifth in the her vampire series, but reads well enough as a stand-alone. Tormented nun-turned-vamp goes through many trials and tribulations before reconciling with her guy and getting the help of the secret vampire community in recovering her baby from evil government scientists.

  • MILLAR, Linda Lael--Tonight and Always*: Fourth in the series after Forever and the Night, For All Eternity and Time Without End.  Stuff happens… OK so I haven't read it. It seems to involve Maeve and Calder's daughter Kristina… This couple met in part 2 when only Maeve was a vampire.
  • REINES, Kathryn--The Kiss*: Sweet American couple stay with debauched Romanian Count and Countess. Rocky Horror meets Dracula--raunchy in places but surprisingly boring.
  • JAC, Cheryln--Night's Immortal Touch*: Lady vamp and hunky cop in the South. Uninspired contemporary romance.
  • MOORE, Christopher--Bloodsucking Fiends: a Love Story**: Light hearted, a good read for a train or plane trip.
  • STUART, Anne, YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn & SHAYNE, Maggie--Strangers in the Night (a book of three novellas)**: Yarbo without the usual faux-literary packaging which is refreshing in itself. One of Shayne's stronger stories about a vampire hunter really falling for the wrong girl, but as for the other two... predictable romance themes; very readable but now that I come to write the review, also apparently very forgettable.

  • 1995
    • KRINARD, Susan--Prince of Dreams**: Conventional vampire romance. I find the heroine's ability to fall in love with a man she believes killed her cousin particulalry irritating as she is meant to be a psychologist....

    • LAMB, Charlotte--Vampire Lover ****: A fascinating book that teases us with vampiric possibilities but is actually about an emotional or 'psychic' vampire. The only boom I know of to use this idea. In many ways a traditional Harlequin romance, but them throws in a rather unexpected bondage scene!
    • MILLAR, Linda Lael--For All Eternity*: Maeve plays over the usual romantic vampire romantic cliches (he'll think I'm a monster, I can't make him a monster etc), but having the woman be the vampire is a little novel, if not terribly effective. Sequel to 'Forever and the Night.'
    • MILLAR, Linda Lael--Forever and the Night**: Nitwit Neely (where do they get these names?) falls for Anguished Aidan who practically has vampire stamped on his forehead. In the usual over-serialized fashion of such thing Aidan's sister (Maeve) and 'friend' (Valerian) are introduced for use in latter books.
    • ROSS, Clarissa--Secret of the Pale Lover **: Charming old gothic romance about a Bohemian (but somehow prim) witchy lady meeting a pale young man in a castle… I mean chateau --set in France.

    • MILLAR, Linda Lael--series--Time Without End*: Valerian (who previously lusted after Aidan) suddenly become heterosexual, with yet another type-cast (plucky yet vulnerable) damsel.

    ASHLEY, Amanda--series
    • Embrace the Night*
    • Shades of Gray*
    • A Darker Dream***: Embrace features a more than usually spineless heroine… Gabriel turns her from a cripple to a ballerina on the condition she never question his weird ways. In Shades the vamp is 'Grigori' - though like Gabriel he has the annoying habit of saying 'cara' a lot to signal that he is foreign. The book has a large cast--a predictable adventure with a nice twist at the end. Dream is the least original of the lot (brood/swoon, yawn)--the fatal attraction between brooding vamp lord and pure damsel is interminable.
    • BOYD-COMPO, Charlotte--Nightwind (ebook) **: Far from a usual romance, although the writing style is only adequate the way that Charlotte Boyd-Compo both uses and breaks the romance clich├ęs is a great treat.
    • KELLS, Sabine--A Deeper Hunger *: Cailie spends much of the book either confused or unconscious
    • CRESWELL, Jasmine--Prince of the Night*: Vamp is an alien (boo, hiss). Every-one is obsessed with having babies (meant to always kill the human mother, but love … etc)
    • DRAKE, Shannon--Beneath a Blood Red Moon*: Lack-luster romance adventure--many people like this book but damned if I can tell why.