Non-Fiction/Psychology (11)

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  • THORNE, Tony--Children of the Night: of Vampires and Vampirism**: Thorough and interesting survey, particularly of real vampires (real modern people in the vampire subculture) marred by a lack of understanding of what real vampires are about--he concludes it is all about rebellion and bizarre behaviour for it's own sake.
  • MELTON, J. Gordon--The Vampire Book**: Always interesting, occasionally accurate and three inches thick. Basically an Encyclopedia Vampirica.
  • MARIGNY, Jean--Vampires: the World of the Undead**: Colorful little jewel of a book. Useful reference material in the back including a 1922--1992 filmography and suggestions for further reading.


  • BERNSTEIN, Albert J. (PhD)--Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry****: A brilliant book that clothes advice about dealing with people with personality disorders: antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive and paranoid -- clothed in a thorough and witty vampire metaphor -- not using the vampire motif literally.
  • RICKELS, Laurence A.--The Vampire Lectures***:  A Freudian thought-fest, rich but with barely a nod to structure… fun if you can get into it.  Draws on myth, literature, film, rock & roll and a lot of other things. Rickels must be a fun Prof.
  • HARRIS, Helaine Z.--Are You in Love with a Vampire: Healing the Relationship Drain Game.*: Beyond co-dependency… the vampire relationship. Energy flows, spiritual development, the whole thing.