Sunday, October 4, 2009

Requesting a review

If you have a book that you would like reviewed on the Fleam:

Authors: please email veinglory at with the subject line [FLEAM] and include the title of the book, a synopsis or blurb, and a link to the point of display or sale. Ebook review copies are preferred, paper copies are also accepted.

Publishers: may choose to attach the complete book rather than send a query--however in these cases a review is not guaranteed.

I am interested in most areas of vampire fiction and non-fiction and associated subjects such as immortals and other life-force depleting paranormal creatures. Special areas of interest include poetry, anthologies, gay fiction, erotica, romance and psychological non-fiction.

I am particularly interested in any book that uses the vampire archetype to investigate complex issues such as codependency, libido/thanatos, moral or ethical dilemmas and/or realistic consequences of power, immortality or the need to harm or kill others to survive.

Example of this type of fiction would include:
* Blood is Not Enough edited by Ellen Datlow
* I am Legend by Richard Matheson
* Running Dry by M Christian
* Sabella by Tanith Lee


E.S.Cenote said...

Have published an E-book which combines erotica and science fiction. While it doesn't allude to vampires directly, there are creatures who could almost be classified as such. It's the first of five providing Vayna's story as she slowly progresses from her birth as a slave to the Freedom she so ardently desires. The book's URL is of the Steppes.html The publisher can be reached at Thank-you.

Anonymous said...

When sending queries, do you have a preferred format for eBook review copies?

veinglory said...

pdf is preferred.