Horror (8)


  • RUDDY, Jon --The Bargain ***: Vamps and Nazi's cross… well not swords, obviously. Worth it for the concept, although the plot is little more than adequate.

  • McCAMMON, Robert R. --They Thirst ***: The undead attack LA, great but not deep.

  • STOKER, Bram -- Dracula, Dracula's Guest****: The original! 
  • MATHESON, Richard -- I am Legend *****: Absolutely riveting post apocalypse SF style story, circa 1954. Not to be missed; one man, alone against a world full of vampires.
  • DANIELS, Les -- Yellow Fog *: Classic damsel/monster horror.
  • REAVES, Michael -- Night Hunter *: "Death stalks the Hollywood night…." Mundane cop story.
  • RUSCH, Kristine Kathryn -- Sins of the Blood ***: Genuinely creepy--a slayer dealing with vampire who are normal until puberty… and therefore hard to demonize.
  • SCOTT, Michael -- Reflection *: Countess Bathory and a mystical vampiric mirror.
  • WRIGHT, Tim -- The Last Vampire *: Standard horror fare--boy meets vamp etc…