Historical (7)


  • STABLEFORD, Brian -- The Empire of Fear **: A thick tome, 17th century fantasy/adventure. Fairly boring.


  • YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn--The Saint Germain Chronicles *: A collection of stories about Saint Germain who is the subject of a series of novels starting with 'Hotel Transylvania' 1978. He is meant to be sexy but I find him insufferable and boring.


  • DANIELS, Les--The Black Castle *: Given the reputation of these books I found this strangely static -- maybe it is just the effects of the passing of time since they first came out... 
  • YARBRO, Chelsea Quinn --1) Hotel Transylvania **: First in the Saint Germain series. Impossibly suave vampire in he 18th century.


  •  ELRON, P.N.--Keeper of the King *: A competent adventure based on a vampire Lancelot as a modern day security expert.
  •  KAST, Pierre--The Vampires of Alfama ****: A lovely story set in eighteenth-century Lisbon. Translated from the French by Peter de Polnay. On of my personal favorites.
  • DANIELS, Les--The Silver Skull--Citizen Vampire *