Anthologies (8)

  • Dark Thirst *** -- edited by Angela C Allen: Overall I think this book is certainly worth the cover price as an addition to my extensive collection--but if all the stories had been as deft and diverse as my favorite two 'Dark Thirst' could have been astounding. [full review]
  • Love in Vein * -- edited by Poppy Z Brite: Adequate.
  • Blood Kiss: Vampire Erotica*** -- edited by Cecilia Tan: Overall the writing is quite uneven and occassionally amateurish, but there are some genuinely original elements to these stories that make them well worth reading (NB: ADULT CONTENT)
  • Tomorrow Sucks***1/2 -- edited by Greg Cox & TKF Weisskopf: Overall this book is well worth reading if only to see so many high-powered writers put their own twist in the vampire mythos. [full review]
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