GLBT (5)

  • ROEDER, Mark. A.--The Vampire's Heart****1/2: It would be rather glib to refer to it as a 'gay twilight', especially as this book came out (so to speak) in 2002--but there is an element of truth in the comparison. [full review]

  • DIETZ, Ulysses G.--Desmond: a Novel About Love and the Modern Vampire****: Brooding older vampire has his life profoundly changed by a young unemployed museum creator.  A Gaywyck style gothic tone makes this a pleasingly predictable romance. Fine detail reflected the authors 'day job' as decorative arts at the Newark Museum.

  • BRITE, Poppy Z..--Drawing Blood***: Decadent paranormal story of teens, vampires and ghosts.

  • McMAHAN, Jeffrey N.--Vampires Anonymous***: An adventure centering on a disturbingly amoral vampire seeking revenge against a sinister group that killed his boyfriend. Entertaining.