Sci Fi/Fantasy (7)

  • LACKEY, Mercedes -- 2)Children of the Night (Fantasy)***: Part of the Diana Tredgarde series about a witch romance-writer investigator (picture a cross between Anita Blake and Nancy Drew). In this book she encounters a blood-vamp babe and, like, completely falls for him. They team up against some evil psy-vamps including Diana's ex. * see also: 1) Burning Water (not vampire related).
  • LEE, Tanith -- Sabella (SF)***: Castaway alien vampire woman finally meets her natural mate and the only one who can safely 'feed' her. The ending may be a bit of a pill for modern women, but think about it...[full length review]
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  • GOLDEN, Christie--Vampire of the Mists (Fantasy)**: An intriguing premise--Jander Sunstar, a golden elf, becomes a vampire…  The story does come close to exploiting the potential of this idea. Set in the Ravenloft™ world, the setting is static and virtually nothing happens. The flashbacks to the Forgotten Realms are the best bits and I just wish the plot had been set there instead.
  • BUTLER, Jack--Nightshade (SF)***: A peculiar blend of Mars space-opera and vampire heroics. Well worth it for the weirdness, even though its actual adventure storyline is only middling to OK.
  • CONNER, Miguel--The Queen of Darkness (SF)*: Evil vampires enslave human's in a post-apocalyptic future.  One develops something of a conscience, and chaos ensues. A passable but peculiar read.
  • PIERCE, Meredith Ann--the Dark Angel trilogy (Fantasy): 1) Darkangel**, 2) A Gathering of Gargoyles*: Lovely fairytale-tone story. Aimed at young adult but readable by all ages.