Thursday, October 7, 2010

Movie: Bloodsuckers

Vampire Wars: Battle for the Universe
Bloodsuckers a.k.a. Vampire-Wars_Battle-for-the-Universe is a low budget 2005 TV movie.  It starts of just plain bad and manages to finish with a certain (small) amount of kitchy charm. 

Basically, in a future where humans have gone into space and found it full of vampires, an earnest hero joins a team of semi-official vampire killers.  The team is, like the hero, pretty much a collection of cliches from central casting--reckless captain, vampire ninja babe, cowboy grunt and sassy sarcasticc chick.

The acting is not great, the sets are not great, the action sequences are not great and the special effects are terrible--but the plot gets a little more sophisticated as it goes on, from 'kill the vampires!' to 'be loyal to your friends and kill the vampires!' 

This would have been a semi-promising TV series pilot, but as a movie it is pretty lacklustre.  But if it is on sale or on TV, Bloodsuckler is and okay movie for someone who has some free time and is prepared to kick back and descend to its level.

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