Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Self-Promotional Interlude

Strangely enough, I have been posting on this blog for a while and not yet mentioned any of my own vampire fiction. Bad author, missing a chance for self-promotion. Of course there will be no review and no rating, but here is the cover and blurb.

The Wicca Man: Tongue-Tied
by Emily Veinglory

When Sean, a conservative psychology professor, is cornered one night by a very buff creature of the night, he does the first thing he can think of. Casts a spell. Not just any spell. A love spell. And it works.

Now the vampire, Thane, is head over heels for Sean and causing chaos in his life. Even worse, Sean’s falling in love with him, too. But is it real or just the magic?

The witches are pissed Sean used coercive black magic. The vampires want Thane back. And Sean knows, if you love something, you’ve got to set it free. If it comes back, it’s meant to be, right? The only problem is, the being he’s setting free is a bloodthirsty vampire, and there’s a lot more at stake than just matters of the heart.

...I am currently working on the sequel: The Wicca Born II--Blood Borne


Laura said...

That sounds good. Is it available in Ontario?

veinglory said...

Hi there :)

This one is available as an ebook only. So the good news is you can get iot anywhere!